Blue. is 1!

Blue. Psychological Services is ONE YEAR OLD!

Looking back at the year, single-handedly maintaining a consultation service and a website, while balancing my personal and occupational commitments has been both exciting and tiring. To be honest, founding a pro bono consultation and psychoeducation service was never on my cards. However, somehow the pieces fell together and Blue. Psychological Services was born. From the number of people we have served, supported, or educated, I’d say the effort was worth it.

To celebrate this milestone, I thought it would still be crucial to remain transparent about the service. This post will cover the key areas regarding Blue. Psychological Services.


Since it’s inception, Blue. has maintained financial independence to free itself from any conflict of interest. The year ahead will be no different. Just as the full year of service starting 01 Dec 2020 till 30 Nov 2021 was fully funded by the founder of the service, the year ahead will continue to be fully funded by the founder. The cost of maintaining the site are:

  • Cost to maintain a paid WordPress plan: S$60.00 per annum
  • Cost to maintain our website domain: S$27.00 per annum

In the absence of paid advertising (and relying solely on organic growth), Blue. Psychological Services had a total of 3231 page views from 1564 unique visitors. Unfortunately, these statistics do not fully account for all our viewers. As such, we believe our true visitor and viewer count might be higher. On our Facebook site, we logged a total reach of 1574 views.

From our consultation data, 84.21% of our consultations were from individuals seeking advice, while 15.79% of our consultations were from individuals seeking information. 100% of our queries were answered, and 0% of the queries were beyond our expertise.


Blue. Psychological Services started with the provision of pro bono consultation services as our raison d’être. However, we soon realized that our reach was limited. From there, The Blue. Blog and The Blue. Library were created. As it stands, Blue. Psychological Services offers 3 main services:

  • Pro bono consultation for personalized psychological advice
  • The Blue. Library as a one stop portal for individuals seeking out research evidence and related information
  • The Blue. Blog as a service offering curated posts to expand our reach and to continue our mission of psychoeducating the public

Blue. Psychological Services currently has 2 active contributors for our pro bono service. While we’ve received verbal agreement from a 3rd psychologist, things are yet to be finalised.

What’s Next?

As it stands, just managing and continuing existing services will keep us sufficiently busy. That said, we are open to rolling out new ideas and services if they meet a need, and if we have the capacity. If you’re keen to contribute, please reach out to us at

Published by Blue. Psychological Services

Blue. is a non-commercial, non-profit initiative offering anonymous pro bono psychological consultation.

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