Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should consider email consultation?

Anyone who has questions for a psychologist. For example:
– Individuals with questions about mental health;
– Individuals seeking to clarify information they may have heard e.g. “I heard that vaccination causes Autism”, “Someone told me that therapy is 100% safe and free from side effects” etc.
– Parents or professionals wanting to understand more about specific issues related to mental health, socio-emotional or behavioural issue, or learning needs;
– Students wanting to know more about psychology or the experiences of our contributing psychologists

How is the consultation process like?

When you send an email to Blue., the contributor with the relevant expertise is first identified. Blue. will then send a copy your email to that contributor (your email address will be excluded to protect your privacy). After the contributor has replied, a copy of that response will be sent to you with the contributor’s name indicated at the end (the contributor’s email address will also be excluded to protect their privacy).

May I request for responses from specific contributors?

Yes you may. However, depending on the question, you may receive an email from Blue. informing you of another contributor whose expertise might be of greater relevance, and if you prefer to have someone else respond instead.

What if my questions fall outside the areas of expertise of Blue.’s contributors?

Blue.’s services are guided by our ethics. We believe that providing services within our means and expertise adheres to the principles of ‘Evidence’ and ‘Transparency’. While we strive to answer your questions, should they fall beyond the areas of expertise of our contributors, you will receive an email from Blue. informing you that we are unable to address your concerns.

Can I get access to email consultations if I do not live in Singapore?

Certainly! We are happy to address questions and concerns from abroad. However, please understand that our responses to certain issues will be influenced by our perspectives as Psychologists in Singapore.

Why do you not provide referrals?

At Blue., we strongly believe in doing what is best for our clients. As such, there are several reasons why we do not provide referrals to specific businesses, privately-owned clinics, for-profit entities, or clinicians:
1) We do not believe providing referrals to services or clinicians we have no experience with is in your best interest.
2) Our knowledge and evaluation of other services is influenced by our subjective biases (e.g. we tend to align ourselves more with others who are more like us), and we do not feel it is fair for our biases to influence the care and service you receive.
3) Client-Clinician fit matters and accounts for up to 10% of unexplained variance in client outcomes. With that in mind, we believe clients should independently find a clinician or service provider that suit their individual needs and preferences.

However, while we do not provide referrals to specific businesses, privately-owned clinics, for-profit entities, or clinicians, we are happy to share information regarding processes or pathways to getting an appointment at public hospitals, or websites of government-funded or community services.

What are the Terms and Conditions of your service?

The contributors at Blue. work hard to provide you with quality advice and information pro bono. As such, we feel that it is only fair for Blue. and her contributors to be indemnified against all liabilities.

Our Terms and Conditions:
By using the services provided by Blue., you hereby agree to fully indemnify Blue. and her contributors against all liabilities and legal responsibilities. Blue. and her contributors shall be held harmless from and against any claims, damages, losses, costs, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees and disbursements on a full indemnity basis) directly or indirectly caused to Blue..

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