To Blog or Not To Blog?

It has been over 4 months since Blue. started. During this time, one thing has constantly been on our minds – how do we envision this project to be in future? Will it simply exist as a platform for pro-bono consultations? Is there room to grow this space into something more? How can we differentiate ourselves from everything else out there? How can we add value to the already boisterous scene?

While there aren’t easy answers to the above, reminding ourselves of the reasons Blue. was conceptualized and launched helped cement our decision. After all, our goal has always been to provide access to information, expertise, and knowledge. With that in mind, The Blue. Blog was created and launched.

As with all things, change and evolution is necessary. The Blue. Blog is no exception and we believe it will evolve, change, grow, and mature with time and feedback, both from our team of contributors, and from you, our readers. We are more than happy to engage with you, and to hear your opinions and feedback on the direction you think The Blue. Blog should take. For now, as with all humble beginnings, The Blue. Blog will feature two types of posts:

  • Wassup’ ‘ posts will feature covers by our contributors on select published journal articles. Contributors will read and review high quality journal articles, and present them in a manner that is easily understood and accessible to you our reader.
  • Opinion or Commentary (Op/Com for short) posts will feature write-ups from our contributors on a given topic or area of discussion.

Through our posts, we hope to bring you quality content that will help us achieve our goal of making information, expertise, and knowledge accessible to all.

Till then.

Eugene, Founder of Blue. Psychological Services

Published by Blue. Psychological Services

Blue. is a non-commercial, non-profit initiative offering anonymous pro bono psychological consultation.

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