In our mission to be as transparent as possible, all information that may be relevant and of concern to you, our clients, are detailed below.


The cost related to the maintenance of Blue. Psychological Services is fully funded by the founder of the service. We do not receive funding from any external sources. Any future changes to the funding of the service will be openly declared.

Data collected from consultations

As we strive to maintain your confidence and trust in our services, we would like to share that the following data will be collected from our online consultation:

Example of the data that is collected through our pro bono online consultation
  • The type of consultation: seeking advice, seeking information, or others
  • The topic of the consultation
  • The subtopic of the consultation
  • Whether we were able to address your questions
  • Who the contributor was

The rationale behind collecting these data is to ensure that we could continually improve the quality of our service. For example, repeated encounter of queries deemed beyond the expertise of our current pool of contributors would indicate a gap in our service and an urgent need for us to look for a contributor with the relevant expertise. Data collected would also allow us to ensure even distribution of consultation load among our contributors. Lastly, data collected would inform future directions of services at Blue. Psychological Services.

All data collected is strictly for internal use, and will never be shared with anyone beyond Blue. Psychological Services. Summary of our data will be made publicly available on this page when we audit our service in due time.

If you have concerns regarding our use of the data, please reach out to us at

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