At Blue. Psychological Services, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that the advice or information you receive is evidence-based or evidence-informed. We draw our knowledge of evidence from a variety of sources, including:

  • Published practice guidelines (local or from abroad)
  • Cochrane reviews
  • Published academic textbooks
  • Independent evaluation of available literature

Any independent evaluation of evidence is guided by the ‘Levels of Evidence’ framework presented by Burns, Rohrich, & Chung (2011) in an article titled ‘The Levels of Evidence and their role in Evidence-Based Medicine’.

Image taken from Burns, Rohrich, & Chung (2011)

From the table, it shows that the evaluation of evidence follows a hierarchy. The kinds of conclusions we can draw from research, as well as our confidence in the available evidence decreases as we move from Level 1A to Level 5. We endeavour to provide you with information that is guided by the best available evidence.

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